Building Social Applications using Connections Cloud and WebSphere Portal

In this series, I’ll explore creating social applications using WebSphere Portal and Connections Cloud.  Specifically, I’ll focus on leveraging the following IBM products and resources:

  • WebSphere Portal (or IBM Web Content Manager)
  • Connections Cloud
  • the Social Business Toolkit SDK
  • WebSphere Portal’s new Script Portlet

To be clear, there are various ways to create a social application in Portal.  Consider reviewing the Redbook Building and Implementing a Social Portal for other options.  If you’d like an IBM off-the-shelf solution, read the Redbook.  But if you’d like to see an alternative approach, follow along:

  1. Downloading and Building the Social Business Toolkit SDK
  2. Getting Started
  3. Your First Social Portlet
  4. Social Portal Pages
  5. Single Sign-On with SAML
  6. Chat-as-a-Service (Coming Soon)

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